• Welcome to
    Pakshi Resort
  • Welcome to
    Pakshi Resort
  • Welcome to
    Pakshi Resort
  • Welcome to
    Pakshi Resort
  • Welcome to
    Pakshi Resort
  • Welcome to
    Pakshi Resort
  • Welcome to
    Pakshi Resort

About Pakshi

Pakshi Resort is an exclusive, private and river view resort lush with tropical plants by the side of mighty river padma of Bangladesh which cover
33 acres of land.
The Pakshi Resort offers comfortable loading, romantic dining and family fun in an our amazing Indoor Wave Pool. We offer Hotel packages throughout the year and accommodate groups for function, meetings, reunions, etc. The resort can also assist in playing your special wedding in your open zoon.
Pakshi is railway historical place and The famous Harding Bridge is walking distance from Pakshi Resort. Once upon a time Pakshi was the main point of communicating with Kolkata through the river Padma.
Pakshi has its own natural beauty and proud of railway division, automatic energy center, Sugar can research institute, Dal Research institute, Ishurdi EPZ, Pakshi paper mill, Ishurdi Railway Jongshon, Airport, Lalon shah bridge and seasonal fruits like lichi.
The pakshi Resort is within only 3 hour drive from Dhaka and only 1 hour drive from Jamuna Bridge.
Escape with this monotomus life with its entire family and we are sure that you would never want to be back from the resort.

Hotel Facilities

  1. Total 12 acore of Land Area
  2. Wi Fi service
  3. Mini cinema Hall
  4. Swimming pool
  5. 24 hour Room service
  6. All Air-conditioned Room
  7. Cable channel
  8. Laundry service
  9. Standby Generator
  10. Fast Aid Box

Why Its Difference from Others
Everyday Heritage cultural program(Specially Lalon) (On payment)
River cruise in Padma (On payment)
Cinema and Drama shooting spot
Best places for honey Moon
In door Games facilities (Billiard, Table tennis etc)
Mini Zoo
Fishing facility
Canal with boat Open Fruit Garden
Children park with all rides (including mini Rail)


Visit other famous spot from PAKSHI RESORT in rush!!!
You can visit the beautiful view of the river of Padma and can enjoy its boat journey including visiting the significant part of the country’s history –‘The Hardinge Bridge’. It is only 500 meter away from the resort. Other than, you can visit the very eminent Ishwardi EPZ within few minutes along with country’s first Nuclear power plant at Ruppur in Ishwardi.  If you want to introduce yourself with Baul Empire, you can visit Lalon Akhra only traveling 20km to Kushtia. You have to spend only 1 hour while you visit the Mojibnagar in Meherpur (the historical place where Bangladesh Government took oath during liberation war in 14th April 1971).  If you are interested in North Bengal and its history then you can visit Uttara Gonovobon, Rajbari at Natore and Rajbari at at Puthia in Natore district by 40 minutes traveling by Road. 
Thus one trip to Pakshi Resort reaches you several famous and enjoyable places in Bangladesh!!! Don’t miss it!!!!

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